About Us

You won’t find our books on a perfectly manicured shelf in some pristine office. Our books are for the shelves full of old dreams and stories aged by time. Our books recall the past, and hold history on their spines and faces. Our books are aged art, and belong with owners who appreciate the scars and badges of time. Every crease and wrinkle tells a story about each book's own unique journey from the new book shelf, through the years of providing entertainment and fostering imagination, to being discarded, and finally to landing in the hands of someone that cherishes their unique qualities.

Welcome to Curious Volumes, an online used bookstore full of beautifully worn books from years past! Here we welcome used books with age and character, but we do not sell junk. You will not find books with mildew, excessive moisture stains, or unreadable text with markings on every page. You will find old books with battle scars, creases, and wrinkles that give them their own unique character and showcase their history. We handle our books with care and provide detailed images and descriptions so you, the buyer, know exactly what you are getting. If you love books with character, you've come to the right place!