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Stranger at the Wedding

Stranger at the Wedding

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TYPE: Hardcover


Comments: Used copy, in VERY GOOD condition. Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is nice and tight. Dust jacket in excellent condition, with minimal signs of aging.


From the dust jacket:

Marriage most foul: The bride was willing - but the wizard wasn't!

Ambiguous omens and bad dreams - Kyra the Red had nothing ore to go on; omens and dreams... and the conviction that her beloved eighteen-year-old sister, Alix, was going to die on her wedding night.
Alix's upcoming marriage to the Lord Mayor's only son and heir was a major social coup that her father, a wealthy merchant, had worked for years to arrange. He would not welcome his elder daughter Kyra's presence; indeed he would see her as the ultimate threat to his plans.
Like most citizens in the Empire of Ferryth, Gordam Peldyrin mistrusted wizards. Moreover, though there had once been a time when he might have made allowances for his own flesh-and-blood, Kyra had caused a  scandal six years before by publicly revealing that she was mageborn. In Peldyrins eyes, that was unforgivable.
She left home to study at the Citadel of Wizards after that, and neither of them ever expected her to return.
Yet if, as her dreams and the omens had led her to suspect, some hired dog wizard was using the magic of ill against Alix, Kyra had no choice but to search for the unknown enemy's mark and counter the spell.
It meant risking her father's wrath at the very least, perhaps expulsion from the Citadel - since Citadel wizards took an oath against meddling in human affairs. And the consequences could be far worse. For if the witchfinders of the Inquisition found her practicing what they deemed illegal magic, Kyra might very well be burned at the stake.

A Del Ray book, published by Ballantine Books.

Copyright 1994 by Barbara Hamby

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