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Stranger Fillings - The Muffin Brothers

Stranger Fillings - The Muffin Brothers

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Comments: Cover is clean and unmarked. Pages are glossy and colorful with no markings. Book is in near perfect condition.

From the back cover:

After a particularly intense game of Dungeons and Dragons, the Muffin Brothers wandered to the fridge for a late-night snack, only to find themselves drawn into a strange netherworld. In this book, where salty is sweet and sweet is sour, they battle a host of deliciously abominable treats, from Eleven's Eggos and the Upside Down Cake to Friends Don't Li(m)e Pie and Demogorgon-zola Tartlets.

Each crumb is sure to vanish without a trace.

This book is a parody and had not been prepared, approved, or authorized by the creators or producers of the Stranger Things television series.

Copyright 2017 by The Muffin Brothers

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