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The Scarlet letter - Norton Critical Edition - Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Scarlet letter - Norton Critical Edition - Nathaniel Hawthorne

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TYPE: Paperback


Comments: Book has been read. Notes made in margins on approximately 15% of pages. Cover is in decent shape, with some creasing on front and along the spine. Acceptable condition, a decent reader's copy.

The Scarlet Letter - A Norton Critical Edition - Second Edition

The text of The Scarlet Letter presented here is that of the first edition (March 1850), to which has been prefixed Hawthorne's brief preface to the second edition (April 1850). 

The selection of backgrounds and sources includes extracts from Hawthorne's letters and journals, and from historical works; and the section entitled "The Scholar and the Sources," which illustrates the manner in which scholars have made use of these documents, has been expanded for this Second Edition.

The Criticism section has been substantially revised and enlarged. It now includes a number of contemporary reviews of the novel and a group of essays on "The Custom-House." The essays in criticism, many of them newly chosen for this edition, are by Henry James, W.C. Brownell, F.O. Matthiessen, John C. Gerber, Frederic I. Carpenter, Darrel Abel, Richard Harter Fogle, Hyatt Howe Waggoner, R. W. B. Lewis, Roy R. Male, Seymour Gross, Daniel G. Hoffman, Ernest Sandeen, Frederick C. Crews, Charles Feidelson, Jr., Leo B. Levy, Joel Porte, John Caldwell Stubbs, Gabriel Josipovici, John E. Becker, Sam S. Baskett, Marshall Van Deusen, David Stouck, and Nina Baym.

The Editors - Sculley Bradley is professor emeritus of English at the University of Pennsylvania. Richmond Croom Beatty was professor of English at Vanderbilt University. E. Hudson Long is professor emeritus of American literature and chairman emeritus of the Department of English at Baylor University. Seymour Gross is Burke O'Neill Professor of American Literature at the University of Detroit.

This edition copyright 1978


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