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The Spider's Touch - M. Beavers and J. Goggans SIGNED COPY

The Spider's Touch - M. Beavers and J. Goggans SIGNED COPY

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TYPE: hardcover


Comments: FIRST EDITION! SIGNED BY AUTHOR! Dust jacket is present. Dust jacket is aged and worn. Pages are unmarked, with exception of inscription. Book contains an inscription from one of the authors, Janice Goggans: "To Carley, Best of everything! 'Alabama, my Alabama' is a title of one of my other writings." -J. Goggans

From the dust jacket:

Finely spun, carefully devised, complicated in design yet simple in purpose - so the poetry in The Spider's Touch... emulates the silken constructions of its motif. Each voice plays separately on the reader's emotions, yet conjoins in a fest for the senses rarely seen in poetry books. Even the table of contents reflects the grand design these two poets have woven as they speak of time, of love, of giving and of receiving, of life and of death.

Different in style, each poet synthesizes the very essence of poetry - draws the reader into a web of thought and feeling, and shows him the exquisite and fleeting nature of things, as shown in Janice Goggans's lines below:

Why is it that we have not the powers

to pick the times, the days, the hours

When two lives shall meet, as ours?

For fate deals harshly and forces one life

To continue its path, through pain and strife.

And moments like these must be locked up tight.

Yet they are there, those bits of paradise,

And one tiny moment I would not sacrifice

For many of those of the normal size.

And what reader has not experienced the pain and the hope expressed by Myrtle Beavers's "Song of Hope"?

Let not the present

Sear our memories -

Let not the past

Be shared in vain - 

Let not the future

Seem so hopeless - 

For our hearts

Will sing again!

The Spider's Touch... offers wit and wisdom, and pleasure for quiet times; it is a volume you'll give to your  friends, to share a rare experience with those you love.

Copyright 1980

First Edition


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