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The Under-People - Eric Norman

The Under-People - Eric Norman

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TYPE: Paperback


Comments: Book shows general age and wear. Cover edges have minor wear. Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is nice and tight. See photos.

From back cover:

The "Under-People"

Who are they? Do they really exist deep within the bowels of the earth? Can they be reached, reasoned with? Are they dangerous?

The Shaver Mystery

Is it a hoax - or a phenomenal breakthrough into inner planetary life?

The Inner World

 How much actual evidence do archaeologists have of its existence? Can fold legend formerly construed as fantasy now be considered fact? How credible are the sworn testimonies of many who claim to have visited this center-earth society?

The Hollow Earth...

An extraordinary compendium of facts, information and theories that go beyond the realm of speculation to present a fascinating possibility... a possibility of life beneath the surface of our known world... a possibility no reader will be able to ignore!

First Award Printing 1969

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