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Starburst - Frederik Pohl

Starburst - Frederik Pohl

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TYPE: Hardcover


Comments: Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is nice and tight. Dust jacket present. Tear on back of dust jacket. General wear and tear on cover. See photos.

Starburst - Frederik Pohl

They were the best and the brightest.

The search had been long and thorough but, at last, four couples - eight extremely intelligent, very beautiful men and women - had been chosen to crew Man's first mission to another stellar system. So what if he'd had to fudge the results a little, Dr. Dieter von Knefhausen thought. There was no reason why the glow of his scientific vision should be dimmed by the unavailability of an otherwise good subject - what's one murder, more or less, in the name of science? After all, he had a Master plan!

The Lunar Farside Observatory had reported and Earth-size planet in orbit around Alpha Centauri. This was to be their destination and the source of the fuel for their return trip.

And all would have gone according to Knefhausen's plan if it hadn't been for the Russians; if it weren't for the kaons; if the damned crew hadn't become uppity.

But then it wasn't a perfect world! 

Copyright 1982 by Frederik Pohl

Book Club Edition

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