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The Black wheel - Hannes Bok and A. Merritt

The Black wheel - Hannes Bok and A. Merritt

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Comments: Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is nice and tight. Book is in good condition. General shelf wear on the outer cover. Tear in bottom of front cover. See photos.

The Black wheel - Hannes Bok and A. Merritt



When I signed aboard the Susan Ann as ship doctor for a Caribbean cruise, I expected a peaceful and panoramic voyage on the crystal green seas. Though I had been cautioned about the peculiar obsessions of Big Jim Benson, the owner of the Susan Ann, I wasn't too worried. Benson's show clipper was a replica of the original his great grandfather had sailed, and at times Jim Benson bore an uncanny resemblance to Old Captain Benson. The trip ran smoothly  until the hurricane struck. When it ceased thirty-seven hours later, the mainmast had snapped, the radios were out, the engines had flooded, and four people were dead.

For three days we drifted until we spied an island. with shouts of relief, we anchored in a lush lagoon and began exploring. Our miseries had ended.

However, we soon discovered a nameless pirate ship, an eerie black phantom half buried in the sand. And when we unlocked the grisly secrets of the black ship, I knew the nightmare had just begun...

Copyright 1981 by James U. Sturdevant

First Avon Printing August, 1981

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