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The Day of Their Return - Poul Anderson

The Day of Their Return - Poul Anderson

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Comments: Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is nice and tight. Dust jacket present. Book is in great condition. Some wear on the dust cover. See Photos.

The Day of Their Return - Poul Anderson

The future holds much in store for the planet Aeneas. Inhabited for over four hundred years by Earth colonists, hostile nomads and strange winged creatures, Aeneas stands at the outpost of the Terran Empire - a solitary orb of intrigue, mystery and political unrest at the edge of the galaxy. And only one man, Ivar Frederiksen, holds the key to planetary peace or a violent war that could easily destroy the Universe.

For months Ivar, the proud son of an Aenean nobleman, tried in vain to change the oppressive way the Terrans governed his home planet - first through talk and then with violence. Ivar and his stern group of revolutionaries had twice stormed the capital city - only to be severely defeated on both occasions by the concentrated power of the galactic Empire.

Forced to temporarily abandon his quest and flee for his life, Ivar left everything behind, including the girl he loved, ot travel with a strange band of gypsies. While living a gay and boisterous life in the Aenean deserts, eh heard tales of god-like brain beings called The Elders - an ancient race of supermen whom legend proclaimed the saviours of the universe. they were benevolent creatures that had long ago moved on to a higher mental plane with the promise to return one day to visit and help their "children." There was even talk that a magical prophet had alreday arrived on Aeneas to proclaim the second coming.

Ivar thought the stories to be pure fantasy, but after seeing for himself the magnificent structures The Elders had left behind, eh made up his mind to find the prophet and enlist his aid in fighting the Empire.

With the help of Erannath, a wing-man with reasons of his own for finding the seer, Ivar set his sights on the city of Orcus - where he encountered the man they called the Savior of Aeneas. But was the prophet sincere? Were his words of wisdom salted with lies and deception? Were The Elders merely returning to visit the galaxy... or reconquer it? Many questions ran through Ivar's mind as he uncovered startling secrets far more sinister than the Aeneans or even the Terran Empire could imagine. The Elders were a race that could as easily annihilate the galaxy as befriend it... and only Ivar's sharp wits and muscles of steel would determine the climactic outcome.

Copyright 1979 by Poul Anderson

Book Club Edition

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