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The People Trap - Robert Sheckley

The People Trap - Robert Sheckley

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Comments: Pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is nice and tight. Dust jacket present/missing. Book is in good condition. Moderate wear on the outer cover. General shelf wear, and one crease on front bottom corner.

The People Trap - Robert Sheckley

The Grand tour of far out worlds!

Pick your planet. Your galaxy. Your universe. And let Robert Sheckley, that master of science fiction of the sixties, be your guide.

You may find yourself in a world where people are so numerous that live is a vicious battle for breathing space. Or in a place inhabited exclusively by creatures straight out of a Disney technicolor movie. Or among a race of beings whose greatest dream is their own violent deaths. Or in a terrifying emptiness where the ind alone creates its strange realities. 

These are but a few of the startling stops in this fantastic voyage to the outer reaches of the imagination.

Copyright 1968 by Robert Sheckley

First Printing December 1968

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