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The Sandman's Eyes - Patricia Windsor

The Sandman's Eyes - Patricia Windsor

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Comments: Name written on inside cover of book. Otherwise, pages are clean and unmarked. Binding is nice and tight. Book is in excellent condition. Minor wear on the outer cover. 

The Sandman's Eyes - Patricia Windsor

Two years ago, a young woman was murdered in Monrovia Park, and Michael Thorne was the only witness. In court, Michael was too confused to defend himself, and almost everyone in town began to suspect him of the crime.

Now, after spending time in an institution, Michael is back home, still unsure about what happened that night. He thinks he saw someone push the woman over a wall to a horrible death, but who will believe him now? If his life is ever going to be normal, Michael has to solve the mystery and prove his own innocence. Does he have the courage to confront the terrors of his past?

Winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award for the Best Juvenile Mystery of the Year

Copyright 1985 by Patricia Windsor

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